Why you can support us
M.O.S. Enjoyment is anxious to realize things as accurate as possible.
So high performed models and projects need more capacity and 
better equipment to work. Don't worry! That's not the onlies reason for.
You know, it is a hard way to bring something on its way. So it is required to
get rights and stuffs which are not for free! We hope you will promote us to
reach our goal.
Let me thank you in advance for your donation and confidence 
in that, what we try to do.

I f   y o u   d e c i d e   t o   d o n a t e   u s ,   y o u    w i l l   s e e  " J a m e s K i r k 0 6 @ t - o n l i n e . d e "  D o n ' t   p a n i c !   T h a t ' s   c o r r e c t :)

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